2014-08-28 17:02:12.0Fashion red dresses for bride in 2014

Marriage is a major event in a woman’s life, the wedding dress is a vital aspect of the wedding, we will bring red wedding dresses for you, the one you will like!

red sequined dress for bride

Slim board design will make your body look more lengthen, the body added sequined, shiny and elegant, chest semipermeable add more sexy, feminine, simple waist belt decorated to meet the needs of women elegant independent .

mandarin collar red dress for brideBright red, the color of the bride required, knee style, simple and elegant, super practical. Wear to a friend’s party, as a focus. Small stand-up collar design, elegant but also playful, organza little puff will great effect by age. Lace cut by the body uses, it can not see broken seam, so this is well protect the flower but also will be better to fit the body.

V-neck cultivate one's morality dressA lot of hand-beading shining on the multi-layered shoulder is the best feature for the red dress. Silk fabrics is supple and smooth which is showing an elegant, ornate elegance for the bride. Beaded on the shoulder and chest will improve the dress brightness. The chic back design show the graceful charming curves for the women.

Before and after deep V dressThe mainstream of noble v-neck red dress is soft lines, but which is designed to try to use lines and other elements to the performance of another elegant and independent for the women, breaking the original structure is designed to form a new, independent, elegant style, dark V design is sexy and elegant.

high waist back red dress for brideWith beaded shoulder is no longer boring monotonous for the whole dress, good drape skirt pleated chest perfect hand grip modified chest curve. After V-neck dress exhibition demonstrates the fascinating women graceful curve. Asymmetrical design and flowing pleats skirt for the dress adds a lively atmosphere.

Brocade red dress for brideUnder the skirt with brocade and ice cascading effect yarn made ​​stronger overall rhythm, cute and playful, a strong sense of hierarchy.