2014-09-02 18:18:08.05 fashion style outfits for you to attend the wedding

For guests, when you receive the wedding invitation, the first thing you should consider to how to make the right shape in such a grand occasion, neither exaggeration can also show just enough personal style?

dark purple outfits

1 Peacock blue outfits

Roland Mouret with exquisite tailoring is to create a prominent figure of the perfect silhouette. The electro-optical Landuan cloth one shoulder dress is using folding process, creating an hourglass-shaped profile, and the full skirt is showing the old Hollywood style. Might as well roll up your hair, highlighting the unique collar design.

lake blue outfits
2 Lake blue outfits

Alice + Olivia this “Waldorf” is deduce with elegant demeanor perfectly. It is uses silk chiffon fabric to cut it, decorated with draped, built-in elastic mesh material latex strips and stitching prevents slipping back to make wearing more comfortable. If it is match with earrings and colored clutch, it will be perfect.

fuchsia outfits3 Fuchsia outfits

The fuchsia washed silk dress waist with black stitching outlines the graceful curve of the material. It is recommended with backless bra, plus a pair of flat shoes, with its elegant silhouette to achieve balance.

dark purple outfits
4 Dark purple outfits

Lanvin this gorgeous purple tone crepe dress make highlight Zoran outstanding flavor. Elegant draped waist for you to outline a charming graceful waspish. Might as well a small jewelry collocation, makes a positive deep v-neck modelling.

orange outfits
5 Orange outfits

Halston Heritage dress is using the georgette pleated waist shrink design, highlighting the charming feminine silhouette, draped elegant design is showing a softer effect. Wish with exquisite accessories, light and agile style will be in the end.

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