2014/10/14 18:113 tips to teach you how to select the cocktail dresses for the party

The cocktail party is now very popular in the young people, it is different from formal party and the usual party, we always wear the beautiful dress, but how to choose the cocktail gowns for women in the party?

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The first, the cocktail dresses are for day and night, it is different from the evening dresses, the evening dress is always very simple and glamorous, The cocktail dress is for the light atmosphere, so the cocktail dress is very simple and elegant.

The second, in the cocktail party, we always stand all the time, so the women like to choose the simple and short style cocktail gowns, if it is too long, it will not feel very dump, comfortable and disturb our walking, but we need to walk to communicate with each other on the cocktail party.

The third, when you choose your cocktail dress, you should notice your characters, you need to have show your perfect body shape in order to cover your shortcoming. If you have the belly, you could wear the empire waist dress, so you should know your body shape.

In addition to that, the black cocktail gown can give us classical and fashion feeling, the black color can make you more slimmer, charming and attractive. It is the sexy and noble representativem, it is an eternal classic. When you wear the black cocktail dress, you will become very noble and beautiful.