2014/08/28 17:02 Fashion red dresses for bride in 2014

Marriage is a major event in a woman’s life, the wedding dress is a vital aspect of the wedding, we will bring red wedding dresses for you, the one you will like!

red sequined dress for bride

Slim board design will make your body look more lengthen, the body added sequined, shiny and elegant, chest semipermeable add more sexy, feminine, simple waist belt decorated to meet the needs of women elegant independent .

mandarin collar red dress for brideBright red, the color of the bride required, knee style, simple and elegant, super practical. Wear to a friend’s party, as a focus. Small stand-up collar design, elegant but also playful, organza little puff will great effect by age. Lace cut by the body uses, it can not see broken seam, so this is well protect the flower but also will be better to fit the body.

V-neck cultivate one's morality dressA lot of hand-beading shining on the multi-layered shoulder is the best feature for the red dress. Silk fabrics is supple and smooth which is showing an elegant, ornate elegance for the bride. Beaded on the shoulder and chest will improve the dress brightness. The chic back design show the graceful charming curves for the women.

Before and after deep V dressThe mainstream of noble v-neck red dress is soft lines, but which is designed to try to use lines and other elements to the performance of another elegant and independent for the women, breaking the original structure is designed to form a new, independent, elegant style, dark V design is sexy and elegant.

high waist back red dress for brideWith beaded shoulder is no longer boring monotonous for the whole dress, good drape skirt pleated chest perfect hand grip modified chest curve. After V-neck dress exhibition demonstrates the fascinating women graceful curve. Asymmetrical design and flowing pleats skirt for the dress adds a lively atmosphere.

Brocade red dress for brideUnder the skirt with brocade and ice cascading effect yarn made ​​stronger overall rhythm, cute and playful, a strong sense of hierarchy.

2014/08/23 17:14 6 fashion wedding gowns for bride in summer

Faced with the hot summer, the bride worry about how to select the wedding dresses, the so-called to select wedding dress in summer, it must be thin and cool, the meanwhile, many brides will be worry about that the wedding dress tailoring is three-dimensional or not, beading decoration whether will be very less, it maybe not formal and so many questions will be worried.

simple Honor wedding dress in summer

Honor summer wedding dress

Honor summer wedding dress will make us an impactly, it is so refreshing to fit for summer dress standard, Simple spare style, full three-dimensional embroidered organza flowers. It seems random but stylish.
Pronvias chiffon lace wedding dress

Pronvias chiffon wedding dress

Pronvias is given priority to the large lace embroiderery, chiffon fabric beauty is all just right, lace flowers, blank, using the concept of long and short in front, personalized aesthetic avant-garde design with the bride is the best choice.
Reem Acra A-line wedding dress

Reem Acra A-line wedding dress

The Reem Acra wedding dress is used the lace fabric, simple and elegant style, the personal profile shape is sketched out the bride’s figure well, the central belt design is the crowning touch to the wedding dress.
Eve of Milady a-line floor wedding dress

Eve of Milady three-dimensional embroidery wedding dress

Eve of Milady with A-line mopping the floor design, the personal wedding profile shape make the bride look more dignified atmosphere, head to toe reveal Queen breath.
transparent wedding dress

Translucent design geometric patterns

Geometric patterns translucent design is rare in the wedding, but fully embodies the modern pursuit of personalized trend, as long as you are daring enough, try the next, this style is also a good choice.
chiffon a-line wedding dress

Chiffon embroidered

Elegant chiffon embroidered with flowers is more lightweight soft. Select this wedding dress, you should pay attention to your leg type, although the hem was A font, but fully transparent material will expose the shortcomings of your legs, it is recommended that prospective slender legs brides can boldly try on it!

2014/08/18 17:18 4 style wedding dresses for bride

Marriage is a major event for woman’s life, wedding dress is a vital aspect in the wedding, we bring some fashion and newest white wedding dresses for you, you will find the best one which you love in this wedding dresses, so that you wear clothing with their your elegance taste!


Lace dress

Different pattern of French soft lace is overlap, flowers types is elegant and romantic. Waist beads and diamond lace pattern in accordance with aliasing, it is a kind of waist effect visually, you can also obscured slightly raised small pot. French lace is delicate and gentle, round little tail make you more feminine beauty.

Simple dress

It is a new style dress, minimalist starpless design combined with exquisite hand-beaded which is look more elegant folds. Hand-painted the word blessing on the skirt highlight the atmosphere which is the biggest feature of this dress.

Retro dress

The retro dress with packet hip is make your more beautiful.
Role: Hepburn
Role characteristics: Elegant and noble
Dress analyzing: Don’t make public, don’t fancy
The retro lace wedding dress with exquisite tailoring, it is like classic Hepburn,unique. Upper shoulder bag and ball gown design is make your more youth, modify arm lines,the fabric is used the lace and chiffon splicing,a vague sense of perspective is increasing the mysterious dignified temperament for the women. The mermaid bottom is hip package, enclosed lace, outer chiffon.

One shoulder waist dress

One shoulder waist design is good to modify the waist line, version is admirable. Beading is bright and dazzing, the fold is showing the good design for the designer, it use the classy chiffon which make us the elegant and dynamic feeling.


Right modification to the arm and shoulder

For the fat brides,if you want to modify the arm and shoulder, you must select a-line wedding dress which the material relatively stiff and more sedate color design. It has the effect of blocking fat arms, shoulders and can be modified meat, in addition, high waist design can hidden the waist fat, the proportion of elongated upper body, vertical skirt design also allows the body to pull stature highlight lines.

Note: You can not try to strapless, backless and a short wedding dress, the strapless wedding dress will be more exposed Bra and arm defects, and strapless wedding dress will only make the upper body look more and more fat.

Beading Ruched Wrap Satin A-line Plus Size Wedding Dress

Modification waist cleverly

High waist wedding dress is undoubtedly the choice of fat brides, a little loose wedding dress will only make the body look more fat, but can not choose particularly close to the body style, the so-called loose is material on the tip, minimalist design, it should not be gauze. For example, the waist line is in the middle of the chest and waist, so you can be waist falling meat can be hidden in the skirt below. You can choose waist line or decorative wedding dress, you can play to reduce the visual effect of obesity, because the lines will be obese at the use of elongated, so there is not so obvious fat.

Note: If the waist and hips have more meat, you can choose to have fewer decoration of the wedding dress, so the focus will be the bright spot in the upper body, especially the parts above the waist, the bride will be significantly thinner.

Elegant Chiffon V-Neck Chapel Train A-line Bridal Plus Size Wedding Dress

Modification of the lower body, cover buttocks

Modification of the lower body is only to see the skirt design, especially the A-line wedding dress, it is better to have satin fabric, if you need some lace decoration, but not too much decoration , she has plump enough, do not add more modification. Skirt designed primarily simple models, the pursuit of a modified proportional effect is important to have satin drape, stretch lines appear smooth.

Note: You can not use gauze skirt or dress style cake layered skirt, it looks only more complicated, so that the body looks more expansion, although this is a popular wedding dress styles, but they still can not be fat bride herd blind, it must proceed from reality.

Plus Size Beading Court Bridal Ball Gown Wedding Dress

Accessories modified method

1 veil: It is secret weapon for the fat brides, the use of veil clever covered the little upper body, it is a very smart match. Just to shoulder length or longer than shoulder veil, good, if a stylist process, you can also cover part of the relatively thick shoulders and arms, this is a very effective method to hide the meat, but you can make a beautiful veil The bride is more gentle feeling.

2 long hair: Brides hair is also play a role in the body’s state of disrepair, especially long hair brides, it can be scattered under the hair, so the hair slightly covered shoulder fat, long hair can make the shoulder visually separated. Do not let the chunks of fat present in the lens.

3 corset lingerie: some exquisite workmanship of the recoil underwear has good cultivation effect, excess body fat can be cleverly hidden in the underwear inside, so the fat bride wear a wedding dress is not so difficult.

Rhinestone Ruffle Shoulder Straps Court Plus Size Wedding Dress

Image from http://www.dressesmallau.com/plus-size-wedding-dresses-c157/

2014/08/07 16:55 Three style deep V wedding dresses for bride

1 Deep V + Lace

Deep V is sexy together with beautiful and delicate lace, so how can such a perfect wedding dress! Try to best to show your good figure and feminine charm of it!
deep v fall wedding dressdeep v fall wedding dress

 long deep v wedding dress

long deep v wedding dress

2  deep V + beading

Beading added luxury, with a deep V sexy, to create elegant, gorgeous bridal styling. It is the best choice for the bride who has powerful gas fiel! It is not need more jewelry, you can show the light.

beading ball gown wedding dress

beading ball gown wedding dress

 beading long train wedding dress

beading long train wedding dress

3 deep V + Chiffon

Atmospheric and sexy deep V models, with flowing chiffon, creating both innocent and sexy bridal styling, it is suitable for tranquil temperament but hope to show little sexy “effort” bride!

long chiffon deep v wedding dresses

long chiffon deep v wedding dresses

 long chiffon princess weddingd dress


long chiffon princess wedding dress