2014/10/27 16:33 Those millions of wedding dresses for stars

To have a “perfect century wedding dress” should be every woman’s dream, and such five women that have had such a wedding dress. They are the icon of an era, they have worn worth hundreds of thousands or even millions of wedding dresses in their weddings which can help themselves to be an unsurpassed era of women.
Grace Kelly's wedding dressGrace Kelly's lace wedding dress

NO.5 Grace Kelly’s wedding dress worth $ 65.000(about RMB40 million)

The original American film actress, and the later who is Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly’s wedding dress designer Helen Rose who is MGM company in a dressmaker. The dress shows unique style of the century which is a full account of the skirt, long sleeves and a high neckline is unique style for the wedding dress, which is use of the 100 yards of silk net and silk taffeta 25 yards, and the dress known is a real princess dress.
Victoria Beckham's ball gown wedding dress

NO.4 Victoria Beckham’s wedding dress worth $ 100.00 (about RMB61 million)

Victoria Beckham’s strapless wedding dress is is from now the hottest wedding dress designer Vera Wang’s hands, this dress length is up to 20 feet, it is also became the most expensive wedding dress in this time.
Diana's wedding dress

NO.3 Princess Diana’s wedding dress worth $ 150.000(about RMB91 million)

This piece wedding dress embroidered with pearls and lace is from designer David and Elizabeth Emmanuel’s hand, it is like a train in general, the length is up to about 24 feet.
Melania Knauss's wedding dresses

NO.2 Melania Knauss wedding dress worth $ 200.000(about RMB122 million)

Slovenian model Melania Knauss get married with real estate tycoon Donald Trump in 2005. So, when you marry with a rich man, your wedding dress will be a very expensive style. Melania Knauss wedding dresses was made of 1500 rhinestone and 300 feet of tulle.
Princess Kate's wedding dress

NO.1 Princess Kate’s wedding dress worth $ 400.000(about RMB244 million)

Kate Middleton’s wedding dress inspired by Grace Kelly’s. From the point of the silk and lace, it is must follow the royal production style. This is known as the century wedding dress artwork is designs by Sarah Burton who is Alexander McQueen’s creative director. The dress unique is in details, lace rose is a symbol of England, the thistle is Scotland, the clover is Irishand and daffodils for Wales.

2014/10/14 18:11 3 tips to teach you how to select the cocktail dresses for the party

The cocktail party is now very popular in the young people, it is different from formal party and the usual party, we always wear the beautiful dress, but how to choose the cocktail gowns for women in the party?

Crystal Details Strapless Tencel High Low A-line Cocktail Dress Cute Crystal Details V-neck Chiffon A-line Cocktail Dress Elegant Pleated One Shoulder Chiffon Black Column Cocktail Dress

Photo source cheap cocktail gowns Australia

The first, the cocktail dresses are for day and night, it is different from the evening dresses, the evening dress is always very simple and glamorous, The cocktail dress is for the light atmosphere, so the cocktail dress is very simple and elegant.

The second, in the cocktail party, we always stand all the time, so the women like to choose the simple and short style cocktail gowns, if it is too long, it will not feel very dump, comfortable and disturb our walking, but we need to walk to communicate with each other on the cocktail party.

The third, when you choose your cocktail dress, you should notice your characters, you need to have show your perfect body shape in order to cover your shortcoming. If you have the belly, you could wear the empire waist dress, so you should know your body shape.

In addition to that, the black cocktail gown can give us classical and fashion feeling, the black color can make you more slimmer, charming and attractive. It is the sexy and noble representativem, it is an eternal classic. When you wear the black cocktail dress, you will become very noble and beautiful.

2014/10/06 18:31 Top 7 beautiful short style wedding dresses in 2015

Accustomed to see the drag wedding dresses, do you want to have some different? Remove the burden of hem, so your figure will be smart at the wedding! Now we will recommend 7 short style wedding dresses to you, it is has no big skirt, but it will show the fresh and clever bride temperament!

wedding dresses for short brides

Many people choose to wear the beautiful skirt drag wedding dress in their wedding, it is beautiful enough, but the drag is too long, maybe it is a burden for you to walk the whole day. The short wedding dress can solve this problem. The exquisite short wedding dress will make your figure smart and show your temperament perfectly.

Watters simple short wedding dress

NO.1: Watters

The Watters short wedding dress design is simple and elegant, the shoulder for lace hollow design, it is elegant yet generous.

ball gown short wedding dress

NO.2: Suzanne Neville

Short style wedding dress looks very lightweight, the board design is slightly conservative, but fluffy skirt design will show the noble princess-like elegance.

simple short wedding dress with bow

NO.3: Carolina Herrera

It is very simple design, the skirts embroidered with some central bow as decoration, there is a small fresh feeling.

sexy strapless wedding dress with flowers

NO.4: Ian Stuart

The Sexy strapless and slim design is similar to tango dress, they have luxuriant bloom hem lace flowers as decoration, delicate and beautiful. As just mentioned, it is very good to wear it to dance at the wedding.

wavy fluffy skirt short wedding dress

NO.5: Delphine Manivet

The design is simple and elegant, with wavy fluffy skirt, it will give us a little fresh feeling.

lace short wedding dress with complicated patterns

NO.6: Elizabeth Stuart

Skirt embroidered with delicate complex surface patterns, it is very beautiful.

elegant short wedding dress with a little jacket

NO.7: Oscar De La Renta

The elegant little jacket, the skirt with intricate design, there is a ladylike feelings.