2014/11/24 16:51 Five classic styles wedding dresses for brides

Five classic wedding dresses are loved by the brides, the fashion beauty is enduring. Throughout the years of wedding dress, it is not hard to find some styles durable.

Photo by:  Noble Pleats Lace Flowers Strapless Satin A line Wedding Dress

A-line style wedding dresses

Has been a lot of people choose A-line style wedding dress, which is a gradual expansion by the hips, the cut is similar with uppercase letter A. It’s simple and smooth cut and sought after by many brides, it is not only elegant and generous, but also it gives a sense of flow lines and slender, while it can hide the problem of obesity for the lower body.

Princess style wedding dresses

Ball Gown style wedding dress is the best choice for a dream wedding ceremony and gorgeous style wedding, it feels special grand luxury to wear, like a princess-like,full of noble feeling, it is favorite brides who has a dream or a gorgeous sense of the feelings, but also it is cover up problem of obesity which is also one of the most popular wedding dress style.

Mermaid style wedding dresses

Mermaid style wedding dress is to highlight the women’s beautiful curves, it is suitable for good curves brides. The selling point of this wedding dress is evident in recent knee position to repair the narrow tailoring, to emphasize the feminine flavour, plus tailoring the chest to the waist, the bride accentuates feminine. Mermaid wedding dress can make the brides walk more graceful, more mature and elegant, it is choice for the most curvaceous and sexy brides.

Sweetheart style wedding dresses

Sweetheart neckline trimmed chest can make chest lines more plump and beautiful, but also make the neck and shoulders even more charming. For some chest was not full of the brides, heart-shaped neckline can greatly enhance the chest line, this can focus and push up the chest of fat, at the same time can make the waist appears more slender,
shaping curvaceous obviously.

Lace sleeved wedding dresses

Some brides are concerned about the fat and underarm skin of the arm, so lace sleeved can hide the armpit and arm position perfectly. Lace sleeves are also very good detail, allowing the overall shape is more rich and wonderful, with exquisite and delicate lace will give you the feelings of vintage and noble, it has wealthy aristocratic temperament.


2014/11/14 17:40 Betsey Johnson: Charming and strange "bad taste" wedding dresses

Betsey Johnson is definitely the “blame the mother” in the designer, Betsey Johnson 2015 spring and summer series is not only introduced same-sex explosion wedding dress, but also it is bold use of playing a catwalk, the male model with painted smoky makeup to show the latest quarter wedding dress, it is really bright blind people. Now i have impressed in bad taste Betsey Johnson wedding dress, it is can not to stop.

Betsey Johnson's whole fold strapless wedding dress

This all the fold Betsey Johnson wedding dress is one of the most “normal” work in this season. Betsey Johnson’s most steal spotlight single product “prenup” letter necklace with colored beads necklace overlay, it is make up the monotonous white dress in the color.

Betsey Johnson's colored short wedding dress
Betsey Johnson’s this colored dress instant return girl feelings, let us the first saw can make people think of fashionable wedding cake “rainbow”. Fishnet stockings with bowknot let bride-to-be is sexy at the same time who can also show a sweet.

Betsey Johnson's wedding dress with pink belt

Betsey Johnson’s this wedding dress is really very beautiful, the head accessories with skirt perfectly match, only just a pink ribbon is make the street toward folds explosion models to the forefront trends. Let a person have to gasp in admiration Betsey Johnson was a strange and beautiful!

Betsey Johnson's lace pink wedding dress

It is easy to change to cheap bare pink lace in Betsey Johnson also revealed a different face. Model punk the makeup of the wind and the feminine nude pink of wedding presents visual impact, let you see I couldn’t stop.

Betsey Johnson's solid metal printing wedding dress
Betsey Johnson this dresses highlight the three-dimensional metal printing design, the skirt almost “zero simplification”, rely on three-dimensional printing to complete the design, if you have hundred percent confident to your body, you can dare to try it on.

2014/11/05 18:13 Six principle to teach you how to select the wedding dress for plump bridal

Facing the wedding dress shop models with devil figure, the plump body bride whether to worry about i can’t choose the right wedding dress for my figure? In fact, once you have some selection principles, many design elements, materials, fabrics and tailoring silhouette can make extra padding bridal wear wonderful. Look at the following six considerations to select the wedding dresses for plump brides.

Principle One: folding design is inclusive

a-line fold wedding dress
The fold material is very good inclusive, regardless of your stature is height and weight, it can be close perfectly, and make the overall look will be more three-dimensional. In particularly, the asymmetrical fold design wedding dress, such as use the fold in the side of the dress, this design allows you focus on one point or the bride exquisite makeup, it can be get more tall and visual effects.

Principle Two: Do not select a strong sense of stitching dress

sequined wedding dress
Some wedding dress design is too complex, with a strong mix of splicing elements, such as the corset is a material, while tailoring and fabric skirt looks completely different. Such a thin shirt leave the slim women to challenge it. Because if a variety of materials convergence is not natural, it will be visually divided the body into several parts, it looks more fatter.

Principle three: A-line skirt parcel best

a-line sheath printing wedding dress
A-line cut dresses, especially those empire design A-line wedding dress, it can provide the perfect package which make your body look more standard. Waist design begins from below the chest into the A-line cut, to help lower body plump bride looks both curves and would not expose shortcomings.

Principle four: Waist design and fishtail skirt helps to draw the outline of the curve

strapless mermaid sequined wedding dress
Brides who want to reveal extra padding their body curves, the closely waist design allows you to maximize the exquisite look sexy. Do not have thought of yourself waist it, appropriately tailored corset waist section can help you portray visually. The bottom of the waist wedding dress design looks usually full, with large hot fishtail cut, as has balanced hip curve, the effect of maintaining the overall coordination.

Principle five: Do not choose too thin fabrics

slinky wedding dress
Satin and chiffon fabrics and other light fabrics will zoom all the details, so that each body fat were nowhere to hide. Taffeta silk, organza, lace and other three-dimensional fabric is more suitable for extra baggage bride.

Principle six: Choose to fit for her character’s wedding dress

lace cake wedding dress

Photo source: knot

If the women have a chance to pick their favorite fashion trend to wear, then the wedding is the best occasion. All wedding dress design, decoration and detail has large choice if you really like folds, bows, printed or beaded those elements, put them into your wedding dress. The only thing is to remember that you need to try to pick asymmetrical design, not only it is better draw body curve, but also richer sense of art.