2015/01/30 18:07 4 fashion style lace bridesmaid dresses for women

As a bridesmaid, it is the provisions of the youth, it is like young girl’s fairy tale, you are as a green leaves for you at the moment to become the most beautiful scenery. Although it is not so luxurious and beautiful like wedding dress, but you should be keep in mind, how to choose the moste beautiful bridesmaid dresses? We will offer 4 different style lace bridesmaid dresses for you.

black lace short bridesmaid dress

short lace black bridesmaid dress

It is usually not to choose black dress as their bridesmaid dresses for brides, it is really rare. In fact, if you want to your wedding have enough creative, you can try it on. Of course, it must be consistent with your wedding theme, this is a constant criteria. More lee lace a line black dress with black silk belt, the fold skirt design let the whole dress more lovely and cute, it is definitely a good element to add more atmosphere for your wedding, you can try it on!
blue lace bridesmaid dress

Photo by: short blue lace bridesmaid dresses with bow

Blue lace bridesmaid dress is one of the most common styles. Skirt with lace hollow element based, the style is simple and elegant, belt design cam exactly modified the figure curve, which is Dessy’s style, fresh but not casual; simple but not simplicty!

short lace bridesmaid dress

short lace pink bridesmaid dress

Nude pink is a popular color in recent years, The highlight of this dress is on its collar, simple folds,so that the whole dress looks full design feeling, Watters sophisticated three-dimensional cut is a good modification of the body. I think this dress, it is the most sought-after one if it is placed in front of bridesmaids!

champagne bridesmaid dress

According to the survey, if they do not choose the bride white gauze dress, then the champagne is their first choice. Therefore, I believe champagne dress is the first color dress for bridesmaids. This lace dress is different from other dress for its in georgette crocheted lace pattern above the lace, and in the skirt, cuffs and other places in the form of crochet lace hem, unique materials and styles is making this dress appearances from several dress as the finale dress!

2015/01/21 18:18 4 fashion bridesmaid dresses for bridesmaids in winter

The best good sisters are going to get married, as a best friend himself bound to stand up for her bridesmaid. If your friend wedding is holding in winter, you shoulder consider more as bridesmaid, what to wear for bridesmaid in winter?

1 Red strapless bridesmaid dresses

At the wedding, bridesmaid dress color is better to slightly lighter than the bridal gown, the color is given priority to with warm color. Slim cut red strapless dress can show your good figure, it is very suitable for wedding, but it is also very festive.

2 Simple pink dress

Simple pink dress light color is exudes elegance feelings, it will gives a comfortable feeling if pink combinated with brown. It is very suitable for wedding.

3 Classic black and white mini dress

For wedding dress, bridesmaid dress style is relatively simple, low-key and elegant, it is not too expose, otherwise it will grab the bride's thunder. This is a classic black and white mini dress design is simple and dignified, details with bow knot belt fashion elements, so you are also very beautiful.

4 Short bridesmaid dresses

Short bridesmaid dress is also the first choice in wedding, lace fabric is very comfortable and cute.

2015/01/12 17:59 2014 the most wear star’s street snap style

Before street style game reshuffle in 2015, let’s review in 2014 to one by one the stranger staring eyes, the photographers according to blasting shutter street snap a great god, and their unique flashy clothes, eccentric shoes accessories, street for the previous year increased by countless dazzling scenery line. They are strong enough to even let the beloved woman who abandoned high heels and put on their sneakers, and put themselves in a huge bundle of fur being. Speaking of sports shoes, starting in February, it will undoubtedly be one of the representatives of the most important street fashion style in last year, from NIKE to CHANEL, countless sneakers absence coincided with the rapid rise of Normcore fit, and in the days of high air in September.Street snap great god to lead by example, use for a whole year time for our detailed explain the essence of the trend. So who is the ruler of fashion high ground?
Justin O'Shea and Veronika Heilbrunner's street style
Justin O’Shea and Veronika Heilbrunner
If you want to pick a pair of couple who is a street style fashionistas, then They absolutely deserved. She isalways looks like a gentleman dandy, but the beauty is just right, not too far fashionable, like this Altuzarra dress.
Sarah Harris white and black outfit
Sarah Harris
In addition to her Peugeot Celine coat, her gray hair is definitely attractive.
Lerfel's sport style
Sarah Lerfel
Lerfel have a forte – sneaker game. From then Riccardo Tisci to Nike Dior Couture, what
she wore good. She also cultivate young designers, such as a pair of feet from Jupe by
Michelle Elie's black dress
Michelle Elie
No one like her is dragging Rei Kawakubo crape black dress, it is like a track.
SooJoo Park's pink coat
SooJoo Park
There was held a NYFW in the cold in last February, candy-colored coats is so popular, it is including the South Korean supermodel body’s Sandy Liang.
Annina Mislin's street style
Annina Mislin
Fashion editors Annina Mislin’s name is seems different from other dramatic style. She is solemnly, quietly with Celine, Isabel Marant, the Row ….. Her style is where most of us want to wear in every day look.
Taylor Tomasi Hill's casual styel
Taylor Tomasi Hill
Taylor Tomasi Hill is only revealed a face in September, or at the time of her pregnancy. This is a live shot in street style star who can be said to be too small forus, you can see her a lot less distinctive, unique personality opportunity jeans, it is a pity.
Deena Abdulaziz's white T-shirt and black dress
Deena Abdulaziz
You can see Saudi princess only to wear a simple white T-shirt and black leather skirt, but you don’t know that the all price is more higher than your rent.
Jenna Lyons white outfits
Jenna Lyons
She is best not to play, the collocation of white, like this may be the best collocation is a pair of Nike blazers.

2015/01/02 17:39 Four style wedding dresses for different shape of brides

How to choose a wedding dressfor brides? Every bride wants to show their most beautiful side in the wedding, but not every woman’s body will be so perfect, so brides how to choose the most suitable wedding dresses for their own body, do not let it reveal the stature secret?
pink high low bow wedding dress
Body type: Petite
Dress points: oblique skirt

High low oblique design to create an asymmetrical beauty in visually, so the petite woman’s figure will more tall. Abandoned ball skirt, it will shelter your good body contours.
Sequins mermaid wedding dress

Photo by: white mermaid bridal gown in Australia

Body type: Apple style
Dress points: waist decoration

The plump apple figure is often make the women feel lack of confidence on the dress. And in this big day, as long as you can choose the right wedding dress, you can show off your self-confidence. For this type of brides, it is particular to emphasis on the waist wedding dress design, some shiny rhinestone decoration or simple satin waist belt will make visually look more slimmer, highlight your mermaid convex curve.

white spaghetti strap a line wedding dress
Body type: round-bosomed brides
Dress points: corset style

The round-bosomed brides are better to pay more attention to the corset style, fold design makes the chest line slightly weakened contours, smooth, it is avoid too loose or tight-fitting bodice, otherwise it will be top-heavy in the visual.
A-line beige layered wedding dress
Body type: hourglass style
Dress hourglass: A-Line skirt

Hourglass style bride’s shoulder and chest are relatively fullness, waist and hips are big and slim waist which is to make men crazy female body types. However, when you choose the wedding dress, you can not forget to avoid the shortcomings of the body, to show their most sexy curves. A-Line skirt is more suitable for the hourglass bride, it can hide overweight hips in visually, so your body curve is more seductive.