2015/03/24 16:39 Princess of Monaco Charlene Wittstock dress style

Preference shades - Black / Camel

Classic solemn black and camel costume is the most favorite color for Princess of Monaco Charlene Wittstock, but also it is fits for her simple dress personality, a little embellishment of a black dress has been enough to make her shine. Besides elegant pastel shades is also long appeared in her dress chromatography which can demonstrate her grace and elegance temperament.

Charlene Wittstock's black evening dress on red carpet


Garment Features - beads inlaid

Jewelry inlaid clothing sometimes give the impression of kitsch, but Charlene Wittstock who has never occur. Although she is not like complicated decorative clothes, but sequin mosaic is her preference, a variety of beads inlaid small details is often appears in her choice of dress, but by Charlene Wittstock of control, it is showing a low-key dazzling.

Charlene Wittstock's sequins evening dresses on occasions

Decorative details - diamond jewelery

If Charlene Wittstock in a low-key dress does not comply with the royal luxury minimalist impression, then the choice of jewelry was able to see her as Princess of Monaco "no low-key." Whether simple or complicated style, earrings, bracelets or necklace, luxury and priceless diamond jewelry accessories is her first choice, many of them handed down royal diamond jewelry.

2015/03/14 17:26 Top 6 popular wedding colors mix match in 2015

red and black wedding background

Red & Black

It is often reminiscent of the “Gothic style” color, but it is actually associated with classic and elegance. Two highly saturated colors together, it is easy prone to dramatic effect, for the average newcomer, this effect is likely to have strong impact force, then this color can be weakened to some of the details, rather than as a whole wedding main color or (Choose a soft material, abandoned material too hale and hearty), it is play a neutralize role.

white and green wedding background

White & Green

Many people take the white and green color as a spring wedding or a small fresh style exclusive, but in fact, mistletoe tree’s olive green and ivory white mix match in winter, add some red berries, it is very atmospheric. You can also add a little bit of golden color which make your have wedding more quality feelings.

red and green wedding ground

Green & Red

Yes, this is the Christmas classic mix match color, it is the same beaming at the wedding! Try to keep the natural sense of green and red, green pine, holly sprigs, juicy red berries, and even bloom red roses, these natural colors will make people feel more comfortable.

pink and brown wedding background

Pink & Brown

Imagine a warm cup of hot chocolate, accompanied with sweet and fluffy pink cotton candy, this feeling is not very great? Pink and brown color is not particularly classic mix match colors, but we believe that they will become the trend of the selection, after all, many girls still can not resist the temptation of pink!

black and white wedding background

Black & White

Black and white is synonymous with elegant and refined, they have to make everything becomes simple, the quality is add more. It is like the red and black mix match color, weakening to some of the details, or increase gold, pink match, there will be a pleasant surprise effect.

blue and grey wedding background

Blue style wedding venue by www.dressesmallau.com

Blue & Gray

This mix match color will never let you down, but also it is very feeling of winter. You can try to add some silver color to brighten the overall feelings. Yes, the blue is also very wide range of options, whether it is light blue or navy blue, or very deep indigo blue, it is are possible, why the grey color is the neuter color!

2015/03/05 17:54 The side expose evening dresses are popular in fashion circle again

February 22, 2015, Foshan village in California, supermodel Irina large-scale whole side exposed clairvoyant outfit to attend the Oscars, “Vanity Fair” Party, the effects were stunning. From gwyneth paltrow to wear upper dew after the fire, the whole body side dew once again become the red carpet to be bestowed favor on newly.

Irina large-scale black side expose evening dress
February 22, 2015, Foshan village in California, supermodel Irina large-scale whole side exposed clairvoyant outfit to attend the Oscars “Vanity Fair” Party, the effects were stunning.

Abi - Kelan red long side expose evening dress
Actress Abi – Kelan take side naked during a fashion show to raise money

MICHELLE DOCKERY's sexy black silk stitching long dress
MICHELLE DOCKERY, Michelle’s wear a sexy black silk stitching long evening dress who is co-star in “Downton Abbey”, with faint half naked chest, it is really sexy.

Toni Braxton's white side expose long dress
Toni Braxton wear white side exposed clothes to attend the event, the media evaluation: As if from themselves with two sheets and ran out of the insane asylum patient!

Adriana Lima's white side expose deep v neck evening dress
Supermodel Adriana Lima who is the sexy stunner one, this side exposed deep V dress, sexy factor is high risk. Actually it is reveal two side, the skin area is small, it is no less than expose chest and bottom.

Jaimie Alexander's black transparent long black dress
Jaimie Alexander on “thor 2″ premiere in Los Angeles wearing Azzaro 2014 spring and summer series, black perspective is expose directly from top to bottom.