2015/05/25 16:24 Non-solid color bridesmaid dresses in 2015

Pure color has always been the best choice for bridesmaid dress, it is to avoid overly fancy design and color which will grab the bride’s thunder, but gradually we found, in fact, a non-solid color bridesmaid dresses can be a good foil for bride’s wedding dress, and sometimes even better to highlight the bride wedding dress charming. Today we will introduce several non-solid color bridesmaid dresses for you to take a look at what is so special they have it!

Contrast color bridesmaid dress

1. Contrast color. Contrast color bridesmaid dress is more manageable for the pure bridesmaid dresses, in general, contrast color design is to distinguish the body up and down, it is easy to through the proportion of color piece to adjust the proportions of the maid of honor, and the collocation of color should choose color fastens with color won’t appear too loud!

sequins bridesmaid dresses

Short shinning sequins bridesmaid dresses

2. Sequins. Sequined bridesmaid dress is actually does not steal the bride’s thunder, instead of a group of sequined dresses in a pure white wedding dress will be more impressive. In addition, the sequins can also let originally dark colors become more fashion, so especially suitable for fall wedding.

grey and white strip bridesmaid dresses

3. Stripes. Pure white bridesmaid dresses are too monotonous, and can not highlight the beauty of the bride’s wedding dress, so choose grey stripe of more aesthetic bridesmaid dresses? Actually both stripe, wave point geometry can use light color to combine with bridesmaid dresses well, it will have unexpected pure and fresh effects!

pink white lace short bridesmaid dresses

4. Lace. If you want to play the security card and you do not want to just wear a solid color dress, then lace bridesmaid dress is a good choice. White background with pink lace embroidery create a romantic and elegant style bridesmaid.

2015/05/16 17:36 2016 spring and summer wedding dresses styles for brides

2016 new spring and summer wedding fashion trends, to become fashionable modern bride, then, do you know what is the fashion trend for the wedding dresses in 2016?

Victorian style wedding dress

1. Victorian style

Whether Theia’s high collar wedding dress, or Maggie Sottero’s speaker sleeve element wedding dress, or the pearl elements into the sleeves of Ines Di Santo wedding dresses, they are telling us a fact, luxurious Victorian style will be appear frequently in the spring and summer wedding in 2016.

vintage style wedding dresses

Elegant vintage wedding dresses for brides

2. Washed vintage style

Although white is still the main colors of the wedding dresses, however, in recent years, has gradually diversified wedding dresses colors, pink, red, purple, the colors are already inject these common, and 2016 spring and summer wedding dresses world, vintage washed tone will set off the new trend wedding dresses.

two layered wedding dresses

3. The upper and lower layered expose waist wedding dresses style

In recent years, the upper and lower layered wedding dress is gradually swept up and down the tiered wedding dresses week T station in 2016, it will become indispensable popular trends in wedding dresses industry. Upper and lower layered wedding dresses is broke the traditional concept of one piece of wedding dress, it is not only casual but also it will expose your waistline.

pink tone wedding dresses

Colored long a line wedding dresses

4. Pink blush tones
Beautiful spring season, there are more suitable color than the shy blush pink color? If you choose to do the spring and summer bride, and presumptuous “shy” Get up!

lace wedding dresses

Superimposed layered lace wedding dresses

5. Lace superimposed layers
If spring and summer 2016 wedding dress popular element is lace, it seems a little out of style. Yes, it is lace, but the different is superimposed lace fabric, so it will make the wedding dress more and more light and elegant.