2015/06/30 17:47 To wear colored wedding dress to get married with your boyfriend

Today many celebrities are discarded white wedding dresses to put on a variety of colors stunning wedding dress. Wedding is every girl's dream, the bride-to-be is not only to wear white wedding dresses, to look other colors wedding dresses, maybe you will find your own happiness color.


Pink wedding dress with flowers

When you plan an outdoor wedding, light green or blue contrast with nature, so that we all feel that happy quiet magnetic field. A vision of a gorgeous night, black and gold dresses will be very extravagance! In addition, the maroon skirt looked jubilant, it will exudes subtle beauty. If you don't like colorful colors, maybe you can try on the silver embroidery long dresses, those two are elegant as the same. No matter what the color is, your like is the most important!




Do you like those non white wedding gowns? Maybe you can try it on, it can make your wedding more special. It is the best choice for those personality brides, it can come true your dream.


2015/06/16 18:25 Five common neckline bridesmaid dresses for women

If you are looking for a suitable bridesmaid dress, the style of collar design is very important. The same dress may vary because of different neckline in overall style. Today, we will take you to look at five common neckline bridesmaid dresses, see it whether style you love it!

Flat strapless is almost arguably the most popular classic dress, it does not give the feeling of too much exposure, but also can be a good visual effect contraction of the chest, therefore, it is very suitable for plump chest women.

sexy v neck strapless fuchsia short bridesmaid dress

V neck strapless dress, the other more widely used neckline dress, which is different from flat conservative dress, sexy sweetheart v-neck design is often to highlight your good figure, and it is very suitable in combination with bright colors.

pink oblique  one shoulder short bridesmaid dress

Oblique dress, it is more partial modern design style, oblique neckline is able to fit for a variety of body types girls, in addition, it has covered more than strapless dress, more suitable for conservative girl.

Monique Lhuillier Bridesmaids  Spring-Summer 2014 NY 4/25/13

Perspective short red bridesmaid dress

Perspective neckline dress, for a more conservative bride, if you don’t want to come to light, a little shoulder skin can choose the design of such a perspective, if can show sex appeal again. This kind of dress is usually with net yarn and lace embroidery design.

short sleeveless light green bridesmaid dressSleeveless collar dress, the most striking feature of this type of dress is to be able to let a person ignore your chest, and pay attention to your collarbone, its style also is mostly elegant design, very suitable for small breasts girl.

2015/06/04 17:26 Three stylish formal dresses for young girl to attend the wedding party in the spring season

Most of the people are blessing of joy to the scene who is attending the wedding party, in the romantic and cheer spring season, the formal wear is also should be fit the season atmosphere who is going to spring wedding. In the end what style of  formal dress need to select to the spring wedding?

cute empire fluffy skirt formal dress
Fluffy cute style

Fluffy high-waisted doll dress with stripes rendering colors to create pure and fresh literary style, comfortable and relaxed pure cotton fabrics and fluffy skirt let you like girls who is full of good mood, but this dress is not the girl’s exclusive, even if you are a pregnant mother, you can also wear it to attend the wedding.

light color with embroidery white formal dress

Elegant printing style cheap formal dress

Elegant printing style

Fine complex flower embroidery with soft pale pink and elegant pale green, fresh and beautiful, very consistent spring wedding theme. White embroidered openwork design adds a wonderful feeling of sunlight and shade to help you create tender and pleasant elegant image.

sexy v neck blue lace formal dress

Sexy v neck blue lace formal dress

Sexy Lace style

It is full of romantic classic breath to make dress with full lace fabrics, light sky blue and beautiful embroidered flowers bloom in the skirt, untold grace, lace v-neck, fully draw the outline of the clavicle and shoulder line of perfect, gestures and expressions are cast sufficient between revealed pure and fresh vulgarity temperament.