2015/07/27 19:09 Elegant Maternity formal gowns for wedding occasions

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Perhaps pregnant ladies are a little weary with searching for appropriate formal dresses to look different at the events to which they are going in recent weeks. Sorry, but the moment of being pregnant is special task, sure they're moms have been totally agree with this and who are in it too. As I said it is a beautiful time in your life, yet there are a few months of changes in family life, the house full of 'stuff' for the baby that is coming and ... the mom seen many changes in her body. These differences are more noticeable every day are reflected in the clothes, it is increasingly difficult to dress and look cute.

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While, when the wedding season arrives, you're invited to a wedding and ... You feel like a whale? I know it is a problem of the dress, but you've been fatal. I have to tell you that does not improve much after giving birth, some brides-to-be have just been moms and have postpartum wedding ... is killing to find a monkey outfit, to make them look pretty, not tight and they can make the chest, does anyone give more?

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Sexy V Neck Knee Length Maternity Bridesmaid Dress


So today I want to help a little all by showing some ideal maternity formal gowns to go to a wedding . The outfits with short formal dresses for mothers are more comfortable , you have to be aware of if you fall, closed in and more chilly. this season has come with polka dot skirt, still seems more ideal. The more formal long can be ideal for most elegant weddings and where you must save the protocol , because if the option of a long flowered dress for a country wedding seems like a great choice. And you see so much more short and long formal dresses to look great at any wedding.

2015/07/15 18:37 Cassidy Gifford Reveals Mom Kathie Lee's Most Embarrassing On-Air Moment

Kathie Lee Gifford's Daughter Cassidy Gifford: Mom Embarrassed Me Most When ...

America's heard all about Cassidy Gifford thanks to mom Kathie Lee's anecdotes on Live! With Regis and Kathie Lee

So what Today show on-air overshare embarrassed the up-and-coming actress the most? 

"Oh my god, don't get me started!" Cassidy, 21, says in the latest issue of PEOPLE, quipping, "I can't even watch the show anymore."

As it turns out, her mom'smorning-show antics haven't just mortified her – they almost cost her her breakout role in the horror film The Gallows


"One time I called her, and she just happened to have her phone for a Todayshow segment and held it up and was like, 'Oh, Cassidy's calling me!' She opens up her old, little, dinosaur flip phone, and of course the cameras zoom in, and there was my number! All of a sudden I had hundreds of creepy texts," Cassidy recalls. "Like, 'Really, Mom?!' " 

Cassidy, who was going to the University of Southern California and just launching her acting career at the time, says she almost didn't get her first leading role in the found-footage flick. 

"That was right before I went to do my audition for The Gallows, and I almost didn't get the film because of that: They just wanted to do a cast of unknowns," she says. "So that was a huge thing going on, whether they'd give me the role or not: Whether or not she could keep her mouth shut." 

Thankfully for Cassidy's career, chatty Kathie Lee "has proven that she kind of can, at least for a little bit!" 

For more on Cassidy, from growing up with a famous mom to becoming a star in her own right, pick up this week's issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands now


Source: http://www.people.com/article/cassidy-gifford-kathie-lee-gifford-most-embarrassing-moment

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